Friday, March 1, 2013

Scale Stare Down: Day 7

Day 7!  Today was weigh in day.  The dreaded day my partner in crime and I agreed to track our progress. I woke up before my alarm today, peeled myself out of bed and had a stare down with the scale.  Reluctantly, I braved the monster.  As I stood peeking through fingers clenched against my face I saw the numbers.  Down 3 pounds, yea!  I know logically that the numbers on the scale aren't the best to gauge things by, so the experts say.  "They" say, measure by how your clothes fit, by your energy, blah blah blah.  That is all fine and dandy but its definitely a nice motivator to see the number inch down.  Its nothing to write home about, but its a baby step.

After my little victory I did my spark and my workout.  I cannot believe I made it an entire week of getting up early and working out.  That is probably my biggest accomplishment so far, I think I may have sprained my shoulder a bit patting myself on the back...I'm sure I'll recover quickly.

The day was uneventful, snowy and cold so now walk outside today.  I did pop down to the basement and hit the bike for a big while reading a few chapters.  A nice relaxing lunch hour.

Home, made myself a nice stir fry dinner of lentils, cabbage, onion, garlic, green onion, pineapple and chinese five spice.  So, yummy!  While making dinner I also made up a big pot of lentils to have on hand, As a veggiesaurus its sometimes hard getting in as much protein as I'd like while trying to keep the carbs and fat down.  Love that a serving is 70cal 0 fat and 8gm protein.  I need to find more high protein plant based snacks, sounds like a good weekend project to tackle.


  1. OK, so I finally looked up the info about protein in my vegan cookbook. When it comes to protein, less is actually "more". I aim for 40-50g. Too much actually causes poor calcium absorption (and that yucky osteoporosis). Tim told me he remembers going to a Tony Robbins seminar (and of course he rubs in that it was Hawaii!)where they recommend 10%-80%-10% (Protein- Carb- Fat). Sorry Atkins, but carbs are mega important. As long as your smart about the kind of carbs!

  2. Thanks!! Good to know, Sparkpeople tells me I should get 60-130g a day, I'm usually just at 60 if that. So good deal! My carbs are usually coming from fruit, vegetables , beans yea they are good carbs!