Monday, March 11, 2013

Missing my Sunshine: Day 17!!

Day 17! ugh...we all should know how I feel about DST by this point. I loathe it. I had a hard time going to sleep which definitely made for a hard time waking up...but I did it, I woke up at 'normal' time which of course felt like 0430. Sparked up , worked out and went on with my day.

So many temptations at every corner today. Donuts in the break room this morning, cupcakes in the break room mid morning, Brownies from a parent, Lemon Cookies from the house keeper this afternoon! Ack...but yes, I resisted with my new found will power. You lose, sweets. I win, I have spark on my side!

The day was uneventful, I headed home and later went out for a bit to meet some of my new team at a Mexican restaurant no less....more temptation, chips and salsa you are not getting me. I got lots of inspiration and a challenge to start sparking watch out. I just might get you! Don't worry, you'll love it!.

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