Friday, March 8, 2013

stressed but coping: Day 14!

Day 14!!  Another big thing I've noticed is my stress/ annoyance levels have decreased.  I used to get way stressed out about things and worry worry, even though for the most part I could do zero to change things.  If you've been living under a rock and haven't heard about sucks for a lot of people.  Including myself as a Dept of Defense employee it will be devastating.  Thankfully I have savings and I am a nurse so I have options as far as finding a second job to supplement the 20% salary cut I'm facing.  Yea, I should be seriously freaking out but...what can I do about it?  Short of writing strongly worded letters to congress, big pot of nothing.

Not trying to get into a political debate but ugh...with the very real possibility of not being able to pay my bills starting next month I should be in major freak out mode.  Don't get me wrong, I'm getting pretty stressed, but I'm trying to cope effectively.  I'm applying for prn jobs, I'm cutting my own spending where I can.  For a single mom on a single income its gonna be very rough.  But, I have to keep moving on and thankfully I have the increased energy and motivation to find a second job and realize I could be a lot worse off than I am.  We aren't losing our health insurance or other full time benefits (yet).  So I will keep on sparking on and stay positive, take it as it comes and hope for the very best.

So here I am, spending a quiet Friday night in, catching up on Breaking Bad (thank you Netflix!) and chilling.  Tomorrow is another day.

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