Saturday, March 23, 2013

Blaze the Day!

If you've ever met me, you know I will try anything once, within reason.  So about a week ago my advoidol, Jeanette gave me a little packet of muscle fuel to try.  I heeded the warnings that this was some serious stuff,  I'm a big girl...I can handle this.  I got this.  I had been saving this little gold nugget packet for a special occasion.  Whats more special than Saturday??

I woke up...I didn't spark...I know, I know.  The Girl Gone Spark didn't spark!!  And guess what, the world didn't collapse around me.  I poured the packet into my blender ball and shook away....

FIZZ...its fizzy, I loved it, the taste was eh but the fizz was a pleasant surprise.  I had a small snack and some extra water, got my sneakers on and headed over to the YMCA for some action!  Now, the muscle fuel suggested I take 15-30 min before exercise so by the time I got to the Y, I was ready for action.  This stuff was amazing...I did 3.5 miles on the elliptical and 10 miles on the bike, felt like a took a nice leisurely stroll in the park, I could have gone another hour at least...I even talked to a fellow sparkler at the gym while pounding out the miles on the bike.  I practically skipped home, danced around the house, made 2 batches of protein balls!!  Went to a mixer and was still energizer bunnying around into the evening.  OK....sooooo its like Spark on crack and I love it! If it were up to me I would name it something more appropriate, say Blaze.  "I'm gonna Blaze and run 10 miles" People could get down with that!  But, clearly I'm not a marketing genius...lets just leave that to the professionals, shall we? 

Again, if you know me, you know I am not an athlete, unless yoga or shaking your booty at a concert has recently become an Olympic event, but this muscle fuel just may give me the kick to start doing more and more.  I would in the future probably save it for before a race or a long bike ride but I had so much energy and felt amazing, it is definitely a winner in my bookWho is this girl I am becoming??  I'm not sure but I sure do like her Blaze Spark!

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