Wednesday, March 6, 2013

They noticed: Day 12

Day 12! Half way point and  Day 2 into my Max phase and still feeling fine...not sure it was possible but I think I have even more energy than before.  How exciting.  A great thing happened at work today, 2 coworkers asked me if I've lost weight!  yea, I haven't really lost all that much but it just makes you feel awesome when other people notice. I feel stronger, I've noticed I'm able to step it up on the Can you 24 workout and I'm even getting stronger with my push ups...yes yes I'm still doing girly push ups, but I can tell my form is better and I'm able to do more.  I'll get there!! mark my word.   I also really noticed today that my pants are a bit looser as well.  Such motiviation to keep on going.

I've been making a point of taking my entire lunch break lately.  If its warm enough I walk outside, if its too cold, snowy or rainy I hit the gym downstairs.  Today I did eliptical for 30 min and bike for 20...not hard core, just a leisurely pace..didn't want to get all sweaty and smelly for the rest of the day.  I was able to relax and finish Water for Elephants, now off to decide what to read next...hmmm..

12 more days...can't wait to see final results.

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