Monday, March 18, 2013

Challenge Complete: Day 24!!

Day 24!! Well, folks.  I did it!  24 day challenge complete.  I feel SO AWESOME!  This has truly been a wonderful month.  So many positive changes and it all started with a spark So much has happened in such a short time since this girl got sparked aka: Day 1!

I started these 24 days knowing I needed a kick in the pants, and a change and wow did I get one.  Its all been for the better, and its just going to keep getting better.  I have found new friends and new support and a new level of will power along this journey.  This has not just been a journey of losing weight and inches but a journey of gaining better health, gaining better insight into my strengths and the power of commitment and positive thinking.

The 24 Day Challenge has been a stepping stone to a better way of living to me, and I'm going to keep dancing down that path, and no one is going to stop this girl.  Cause I've been sparked, and there is no stopping a girl once she's gone sparked.

Looking back over some of my goals I set during this challenge, I've met a few, I'm still working on a few achieved some I never intending to work on, and I'm still making more.  Watch out world.

  1. Get healthy, lose weight, gain muscle and gain energy. 
    •  WOW was I surprised.  I FEEL healthier.  I'm not craving junk, I can easily pass up cookies and Cheetos and soda all day long in favor of almonds, the infamous protein balls, fresh fruit and cherry tomatoes.  
    • I have lost weight...11 pounds total!  Buh-BAM
    • I feel like I have gained muscle, I feel stronger, and I have lost 15.5 inches total...I have a waist again!! 
    • I have SO much energy. Even when I'm not drinking spark I feel great.  I truly believe the detox and added great nutrition has made such a difference in my energy level.  I love it!
  2. Do Big Girl push ups:  Well, I'm gonna be honest with you...I'm still working this one. Although I'm still stuck on knee level push ups, I can definitely do more and they are easier, so that my friends is a  huge step for me!  HUGE, I tell you.  
  3. I lost calf inches!!! ok this one is huge for me, heh, no pun intended.  I have some killer calves.  They are very muscular yet very big to and as you may remember I have never ever been able to wear high boots.  Well folks, I lost 0.5inches in each calf and while that may not seem a lot to you its a big deal to me and I am so proud.
  4. Bonus Goal: Improved mood/ Less stressed. This was one of my 'non goals'  I'm not gonna lie, people got on my last damn never all day every day.  Perhaps part of it was my low engery and fatigue but I was just constantly annoyed by everyone and kinda miss pissy pants.  I would get super stressed over every little thing.  24 days later, life sure as hell isn't any easier, but my attitude and mood are better, which make it a little easier to cope with all the day to day stressors.
  5. Bonus Goal: Minimal Pain I didn't make this a goal because, to be perfectly honest with you I never thought I would not be in pain on an almost daily basis.  I'm not exactly sure what the magic combo has been, clean eating, exercise, great nutritional supplements, omega 3s, detox, and decreased stress level,  Fabulous support system.  Whatever it is, its a winner!  I don't hurt every day.  I don't have burning shooting pains in my neck, back and arm.  I can almost do real push ups!  This is probably the most unexpected awesomeness that has happened.  I never thought I could be off my 2400mg a day Motrin habit.  It feels so awesome to not hurt everyday.
These are just a few of the wonderful things that have happened in the last month.  Wow.  Its not over folks, I am going to keep on moving forward with my goals and become the best person I can be.  I do hope you'll continue to cheer me on and join me if you feel so inclined! 

Spark, out! 

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