Saturday, February 23, 2013

If you Give a Girl a Spark. aka Day 1

Last night I tagged along with Jeanette and Tracey to learn more about this whole challenge thing and try some new things.  I sampled the watermelon spark and ohhh yum! Jeanette's husband won a 24 day challenge workout video, since they already had one she let me have it.  Score!   So I decided this morning since I had my box, a new work out video and woke up at 0700 on my own (no fake out alarm this morning) I'd bite the bullet and go for it.  So I sparked up and tried the video.  Its only 24 minutes and even gave; she who doesn't like much more than cardio' a good workout.  Loved that it has 3 fitness levels at one time you could follow.  I stayed most with the level 2 gal, we bonded a bit in our 24 minutes. Although some exercises (push ups!) I did level one and others (plank, et. al) I rocked out on level 3. Very happy with it.  Thanks, Jeanette!!

I figured if I can get in habit this weekend of wake up, spark, 24 minute workout I can carry it through the week.  I can handle an extra half hour in the morning, right?  (This is were you post encouraging comments, people)

I took the obligatory before and after pics after taking the spark, working out and eating. ( no meal replacement on the weekend, homemade all the way: scrambled eggs in coconut oil, green onions an orange and hibiscus tea oh...and the fiber drink not so yum but its fiber, it is what it is...)  It was a little like a scene out of if you give a mouse a cookie, you know those books right?  Where the kid gives the total ADD spaz mouse a cookie, then it sets off a whole chain of events?  Well if you give a girl a spark, she may decide to start a 24 day challenge and work out.  If she works out she might as well take before pictures.  If she takes before pictures, she has to clean her mirror (its rather dusty) if she cleans her mirror she should clean her floor too.  If  she cleans her floor she should shine it too (so it looks good in pictures) If she shines the floor she should clean up all the excess shoes so they aren't in the picture, and she should clean off the dresser see where this is going...

I  took 2 sets of before pictures, which I am not ready to post yet, sorry folks. Set one was in an old (i.e. 30+ lbs ago workout outfit) and the second in current clothes.  I also measured waist, hips, thighs, arms and all that junk. heh da junk in da trunk.

I also added another measurement.  Calves.  I have huge calves.  I'm adding another goal...lose inches in my calves.  I have always wanted a pair of knee high boots or super cute cow boy girl boots,  but my calves are too big for them.  I promise you I will get a pair soon, maybe some skinny jeans and dress to go with them too.  Don't make me eat my words.

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