Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wide awake and sore, oh so sore. Day 2

Day 2!!  I went to bed around 11 last night, I wasn't exhausted but, I figured it was time.  So after reading a couple of chapters of Water For Elephants (so good! I have it in epub if anyone wants it) I went to bed...then I woke up and it was still dark, I looked at the clock at it was 0600.  WTH??  I shut my eyes vowing not to be up before the sun on the weekend.  Its just not right, I argued with myself. I'm a sleeper. I don't get up early.  No way, no day.  I love sleeping in, its not unusual for me to sleep til 9 or later on a weekend, I refused to be awake at 6am!  I woke up again and there was the was barely 7am.  FINE.  I'll get up. I was wide awake and I was SORE.  Jeanette was not kidding, that 24 day workout is really effective.  Yes, yes, I did go to the Y yesterday and bike but I do that every Saturday and I am never sore from that. ever

I got my spark on, mandarin today, yum and did Shred 1 workout on the 24 day workout. It would have been so easy to just skip it being so sore, but I put on my big girl pants and powered through.  I even felt a little less sore afterwards, whats up with that??   I made a new friend, Level 2 Jodi...although due to my soreness (and inability to do big girl  push ups) I hung out a bit with Shawna on level 1 and we did our girly push ups, but hey...we still did it!

Additional goal:  Do big girl push ups.

Side note for Day 1, I wasn't hungry all the time...I figured I'd be starving constantly.  But I'm satisfied, I tracked my intake yesterday on sparkpeople and I ate about 1300 calories.  I don't know if the spark is helping to suppress my appetite or I'm just eating more protein and staying full, either way, I'm not complaining and I'll take it!

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