Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feeling fine, oh so fine: Day 6

Day 6!  Almost a full week on the new morning routine, yea!  up, spark, workout.  Off  to work I go.  I didn't get an afternoon walk in today.  It was allergy shot day, which took up my lunch hour and  means I feel pretty punky the rest of the day.

Picked up M from grandma's and she had made a delicious soup that was completely 24 day challenge friendly.  Thank goodness because it was dance night and I packed nothing for dinner.  Usually a friend and I go out for drinks/apps while the girls are at dance.  Clearly that is so not 24 day challenge friendly and I was prepared to cope with that, I had will power on my side.  Turns out, it was watch week at Dance for M.  Sneak peak of their recital dance, these girls are just so darn cute!

I'm a little exhausted today, but that's pretty typical for shot day.  Kid off to bed, now its time for a little relax and book time, then up and at 'em again tomorrow.  Feeling fine, doing great.  I can do this!

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