Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow and Smoothies: Day 5

Day 5!  I think I'm getting the hang of this whole up and early, spark, workout thing!  I did it again. Melt 2 my good old bff Jodi was back for the adventure. I just can't say enough about the Can you 24 workout, I just love it.  Who would have thought that 24 minutes could make me feel like I'm getting a real workout. Although its still a bit rough actually crawling out of bed, once I'm awake and working out, I feel great.  Such a kickstart to my day.  I did get my distributor kit yesterday and decided to try a sample of Slam instead of spark this morning.  I liked it, lots of kick to it,  but to be honest I like the spark better, it makes me feel a peppiness that lasts all day long.  Maybe there really is some magic sparkle in my spark??

work work work, It was actually a pretty good day, just enough crazy to make the day go by quickly. I got super excited when it started snowing again around lunch, I ate my food and took a walk in the snow.  I only did about 25 minutes...after I set out in the beautiful white fluffy stuff, it quickly became very wet without a hat, I looked the part of a drowned rat when I got back.  I could have gone down to the basement and hit the gym like a good little girl, instead I socialized for the remainder of my time.  A girls gotta get her social on, yo.

M has been begging me for Smoothie King for a solid 2 weeks. every.single.night. I caved. I just didn't feel like cooking tonight so we swung by and had smoothies for dinner, they actually have some really healthy options if you delve deep enough into the menu, opting for the 'light' version of any smoothie (no added turbinado aka sugar)  and avoiding things like the Hulk...holy cats that has a lot of calories and fat!  I choose the high protein almond mocha, 266 calories, 9g fat and 30g protein,  oh YUM!

M has been on a workout kick lately, mind you a 7 year old's version.  I believe she is 'modeling' behaviors, yes that is psych 101 rearing its ugly head.  Anyway, she wanted to do one of my 24 videos so we did the core stretch and damn, girlfriend rocked it....she was up there most of the time with HER new bff, Sarah on level 3.  Who knows, maybe little miss will soon be my new workout buddy?

Bed, book, relax.  I did a little cooking tonight for lunch tomorrow.  no pics, sorry.  Roasted Asparagus with onion, grape tomato and herbs de provence over green lentils and garbanzos. It smelled amazing!!   mmm cannot wait for lunch tomorrow!

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