Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Surprise Guest, Willpower: Day 4

The alarm put up quite the fight this morning, but in the end I was victorious.  After a middle of the night awakening with a wheezy kiddo, I didn't get the greatest nights sleep, eh , parenting what're ya gonna do?  It was a little rough getting up today, but I did it! Up, spark and core stretch workout...this was a nice little change on my still sore, but improving, muscles.

The dreary, rainy start to the day seemed to put everyone in quite the  mood.  Crabby, argumentative people loomed everywhere.  Cranky pants weren't gonna get me down, I just trucked on.  Today was also a total test of will power.  
  1. A coworker stopped by and offered to buy me a coffee. So hard to resist.  I really do miss coffee.  like, A LOT! Apparently its very acidic and should be avoided, I keep telling myself, this will not be forever.  My vice is a grande americano, black..with a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon...excuse me while I pull myself together over here...
  2. A few coworkers later decided to order Thai food, ugh.  I LOVE Thai food, however after drooling over the menu, I stuck to my grounds and declined.  I did however accept an orphan summer roll, passing on the sauce later that day.  
  3. M just HAD to have mac n cheese for dinner.  It was everything I could do to not lick that spoon.  Its so delicious and ooey gooey cheesy.
  4. Made M's lunch for tomorrow while she was working hard on her AR book for the week (she got a 100% this week and is now super motivated, woohoo!)  while most of her lunch would be acceptable to nibble on, I did include half a nutella sandwich and welll....its just really really difficulty to not lick the knife. but haha nutella, you lose, I win.
  5. Ok, so probably not so much actual willpower involved in this one, but I was catching up on all my shows; Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory.  And I'll be damned if they were all decided to enjoy a nice glass of red wine in each episode.  argh.  It looked so good...but, all in good time...
While they seem like little accomplishment these are the baby steps that keep chugging me along.  I can say no to things I really want for a short time.  I can do this!  I also was able to get to the Y for about 30 minutes tonight  due to super cooperative little girl and kicked the arc trainers butt.  All and all Day 4 was a success.  20 more to go!

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