Friday, February 22, 2013

The package, it has arrived.

I get home from work with no time to spare before a friend picks me up for night out of infotainment with some other spark girls.  I chug down a nasty chalky protein shake. Have I mentioned that I have tried about every shake known to man and they are either like drinking chalk or taste good but full of fat, chemicals and who knows what?  I made a mad dash to throw on a pair of too tight jeans and a clean shirt, check the mail has arrived!!!  After kicking myself for not checking the mail first as I could have had a yummy shake, I tear into the box.  I was supposed to start the challenge Monday, but now I'm getting excited and just may change my mind!

Goal One:  work on my photography skills.
Goal Two: Get HEALTHY, lose fat, gain muscle and increase energy.  I got this.

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