Saturday, February 23, 2013

Veggie City: Day 1.5

 Day 1.5:  I talked to my bff/ Friday night wine buddy and my Mom/ Sunday night spaghetti buddy  to inform them the challenge has begun. I'm thrilled that my bff is going to take this journey with me, we are challenging each other.  I detect a hint of interest from my mom...we will work on her.  Its great to have people to support and encourage me in real life, yea!

I took an afternoon spark and headed out for my typical Saturday bike/elliptical combo.  Even after doing the 24 workout I had the energy for this, even more energy.  That felt great!  Stopped at Aldis to look for quinoa, no such luck but I got some killer produce and some almonds to make almond butter. Rocked out while cutting up all my veggies and fruit and put them away all nice, washed and ready to snack, made a big batch of hummus, made some spiced sweet potatoes and my almond butter.  So Yum.

I've also been using Sparkpeople to track my food intake, weight/ measurements and activity.  I've used this site off and on for years and  I always do better tracking. Plus using sparkpeople which SPARKing is just seems appropriate.  Unfortunately they don't have a free app which is a big fat bummer but, oh well guess I'll just have to do it the 'old fashioned way' and hop on the old lap top and key it all in.  It definitely helps me make sure I am getting enough protein, which as a veggiesaurs sometimes is a little harder, but I got this, noooo problemo.

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