Wednesday, February 20, 2013

No glitter, just a little spark(le)

WOW!  So...I took my sample of spark this morning, then 30 minutes later had the protein  meal replacement shake.  Due to my extreme skepticism at the shakes, especially at chocolate shakes Jeanette gave me a sample, and damn it was good.  I mixed it just with cold water as not to mask any chalky or funky flavors.  And I'll be damned, it was yummy and kept me full all morning and didn't have a bunch of funky ingredients or fillers.  SOLD.   Actually another thing that sold me bigtime was this meal shake was designed by the same dude that  invented TPN!!  For you fellow medical folks you know how amazing this is, for you non medical folks TPN is IV nutrition that has saved millions of lives by providing nutrition at the cellular levels. (read more here) How freaking cool is that?!?

To my disappointment there was no glitter that sprung forth from the packet of spark much as I had anticipated.  But it did give me a nice energy, which felt awesome. I felt very spunky and I liked it.   Now anyone that knows me, knows that I am a huge coffee fan.  Caffeine has basically no effect on me, I can drink a grande americano and go right to bed.  I never get a coffee buzz if spark is what coffee does to normal people, then I'm jealous!

Ok now I really can't wait for my package to come!

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