Saturday, March 16, 2013

Parades and Parties: Day 22

 Day 22! Up and at ‘em…well not too up and at ‘em.  I actually slept In a bit this Saturday…almost 8:00am.  Geez…what a lazy bones I’m becoming.  Busy day ahead, I had a slam and did my can you 24 video…I’m really trying to bump it up to level 3 when I can and weekends are usually the day I feel I can push myself.  Today was sculpt 1 followed by core stretch, what a great workout!  We lounged around a bit and got all decked out in our St. Pat’s clothes to head up to the parade.  M and I volunteered with the Humane Society to walk the dogs that are for adoption, great news for the dogs of the 25 set to walk in the parade 10 of them were adopted out in the last few days.  With that, M got to ride on the float and I got to throw bead.  Oh yea, I was a rock star…in hindsight I should have been sparking people down the parade route…if only there was a green spark…(kiwi, anyone??)

It was cold but so much fun, we ran into so many people and I felt so great. On to a bday party with pizza and cookies and icing…oh MY!  I resisted and it felt great.  I mixed icing and handed out cookies and didn’t even feel the slightest desire to lick the icing or sneak a bite of cookie.  The willpower is strong with this one.  It was a change to the normal Saturday before St. Pat’s, but it was a change for the good.   I didn’t miss green beer or whiskey shots one bit cause I’m on a mission to complete this challenge with maximum results.  I admit,  I felt a twinge of longing for a good irish coffee but, all in good time.  Who says you can only have irish coffee on St. Pat’s?? Not this girl!

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