Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spreading the Spark: Day 15!

Day 15!! Up and at em!  I woke up bright and early, sparked, shred 1, core stretch and breakfast of a delicious chocolate mocha shake with banana.  oh yum!  Today is a big day.  I am going to coach a good friend who is going to start the 10 day cleanse on Monday.  I'm so proud of her!!  I packed up my brain power and a few printouts and headed over.  We talked for over an hour and I shared all my knowledge, tips, tricks and motivation.  I love that I hopefully can help someone else start to feel better.  I really truly believe that good nutrition does so much for your mental and physical well being.  I think everyone really knows it but its hard to kick yourself in the butt and just do it!  I'm super excited for her, she starts Monday and I will be cheering her along the way.

While I was out I hit the gym and elliptical for 30, bike for 30, ran into another friend who is on her own challenge and chatted it up. Next stocked up on fruits and veggies...even found some super cheap infused olive oils, basil and chile pepper...oh yum I'm going to use these a lot!  Came home and cut up all my veggies and made  a delicious lunch of roasted asparagus and walnuts drizzled in chile pepper olive oil over red quinoa.  OH YUM!  sorry no pics, I was too hungry and it looked to yummy.

Trivia night for a dear friend tonight.  Pre-Challenge this would involve and ton of junk food, soda, beer and a very late night.  But...remember I am motivated and committed.  So I mixed up a spark (watermelon!) loaded up a veggie and hummus tray and will  head out for a fun night with friends.

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