Friday, March 15, 2013

TGIF: Day 21

Day 21!! Ahhh, Friday how I love Friday…my favorite part is Friday evening when I get to wind down and hang out with my gal! We have a fun packed weekend ahead of us with St. Pat’s parade, a bday party and movie plans. Now, a month ago St. Pat’s weekend would be a weekend of green junk food, green beer, staying out too late and the only exercise would be in the form of arm curls with good Irish beer. That was all before I got sparked, can’t believe that was only about a month ago…boy have things have changed.

We spend the evening in watching movies and NOT eating junk food, I with my protein balls, M with her cheese penguin crackers (ok…she will be next to get healthier!) chilled out and spent some good quality time together.

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