Monday, March 4, 2013

Its Cookie Time: Day 10

Day 10!!  Last day of the cleanse portion of the 24 day challenge. yea!  Next on to 2 weeks of super good nutrition.  I'm feeling pretty awesome after the cleanse.  I have more energy, I feel less stressed and my overall mood is much improved.

Today was Girl Scout Cookie pick up day.  M sold 97 boxes, and that is some major temptation to have in my house right now.  I've already unloaded 4 orders tonight and the bulk of the rest will go to work with me tomorrow so all my co workers can get their fix.  I'm not gonna lie...I reeeealllly want some do si dos right now, they are my fav...but all in good time, all in good time.

I'm excited to start the next 14 days and continue this journey. And ok, I"m a little excited to eat some girls scout cookies in about 2 weeks!  moderation...moderation...and do si dos..

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